WATCH: Woman driver in Croatia jumps a raised bridge, fined $51

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How late was this woman for her appointment?

We're asking because she ignored the fact that the bridge was raised and drove her yellow Peugeot over the divide on Monday morning (Sept 29).

Somehow, she literally bridged the 2.5m-high gap and emerged unscathed - in the seaside town of Tisno, Croatia.

The unidentified woman, 58, had run a red light and ignored the bridge warden, who was frantically signalling her to stop, BBC News reported.

Blinded by the sun

Local news paper Sibenkin quoted a witness, who estimated the driver's speed was about 80km/h "There was a terrible noise and all the airbags opened by the force of the crash."

The unnamed driver reportedly told police she did not see the red light because she was blinded by the sun.

Croatia Week said police fined her 32 euros (S$51.45) for the James Bondesque stunt.

The bridge, which connects the island of Murter with Tisno, is raised twice daily, at 9am and 5pm, so boats can pass through the canal.

Sources: BBC, YouTube, Sibenkin, Croatia Week

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