Website photoshops Roger Federer into scenes from Singapore

Website Gratenews has edited Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer into scenes around Singapore with hilarious results.

Federer,​ of course, announced on his Twitter account that he was going to be playing two matches in Delhi, India at the end of the year (Dec 6 - Dec 8) and asked his fans to photoshop him into various sights around India. 

The results are so funny, our sides are still hurting.



So the good people at Gratenews decided that the whole affair needed a Singaporean twist.



Perhaps our favourite, here he is cooking some delicious looking satay. The way he serves, you know the satay will be "power" as per local parlance.


The Singapore leg of the tournament will be held between Dec 2 - Dec 4 this year.

Along with the former world number 1, other tennis greats such as Serena Williams and Novak  Djokovic will also be heading here to satay-chomping Singapore. 

Perhaps for the next picture, others can include them in other iconic scenes here - perhaps chope-ing a seat with tissue paper?

Source: Gratenews, Twitter