Weird or not? New app gets strangers to verbally deliver message

In a world where efficiency and speed is valued over anything else, the new Somebody app is at least ten steps behind.

Created by actress and artist Miranda July, Somebody is an iOS messaging app with a twist.

Instead of sending a message directly to the recipient, you send it to 'Somebody' - a stranger who has signed up for the app.

That stranger then finds your intended recipient and verbally passes along the message.

The sender is also able to include "stage instructions".

For example, if it's a sad message, you can ask the stranger (or Somebody) to deliver the message crying.

You can even rate the messenger based on how satisfied you are with the delivery.

Still not sure how it works? Director July made an adorable film in a partnership with fashion brand Miu Miu.



Given that it's not the most convenient of apps, it's not likely to take over Whatsapp soon.

But there is something whimsical about it.

And what's not to love about more human interaction?

Would you download this app?

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