Well-stocked offices make workers happier, so check out these cool S'pore work places

What's one way for companies to make employers happier? Give them free food, of course.

These days, it is not uncommon for company pantries to be stocked with food, coffee, tea and even alcohol.

Google is a company that's renowned for its pantry - which is actually a canteen filled with hot meals, desserts and drinks - all at no cost to staff.

In fact, the tech giant is rumoured to have a "150-feet rule", which apparently stipulates that no worker should be further than this distance from a good food outlet. 

Why? For boosting morale, since being well-fed provokes a sense of well-being.

Eat at work, never go home?

Sandi Mann, a senior psychology lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire said: "Google in particular provides everything and that's designed to keep you there - not just at your desk but at work.

"At the extreme, it makes you feel you need never go home. It's a perk and people feel they want it.

"But it's not a good thing if it means you haven't got a life outside."

More than food, some companies are offering pool tables, massage chairs, and sleeping pods to enhance the workers' morale.

So what are some of the best offices here in Singapore?

1) Facebook Singapore 

Facebook's dining area is well-stocked with coffee machines, juice blender, cup noodles, freshly-made juice and soft drinks. 

There are little corners to just chill out - just like this one where you can engage in a game with your colleague. 


2) SAP Singapore 

Feeling tired? SAP Singapore, which is known for its software-related services have a short, power nap in the sleep pod. 

How about some Nintendo wii games?


3) Viki

Viki, a Singapore-based TV site that provides subtitles contributed by fans, have a Foosball table! Do we really need anything else?

Their pantries are also stocked with everything from bananas to Red Bull.

Suddenly, late nights don't feel so bad now...

Sources: BBC, The Smart Local 

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