Wet, wet, wet: Social media shares stark images of flooding in Malaysia

It might have been a wet and blustery Friday morning (Dec 26) for Singaporeans but for our neighbours across the Causeway, the situation was far worse.

The east coast of peninsular Malaysia is regularly hit by flooding during the ongoing Northeast Monsoon.

This year, nearly 70,000 people -  mostly from the east coast - have been evacuated due to the floods, according to the figures from Bernama.

Hashtag #prayforpantaitimur is trending on Twitter, where people share well wishes and pictures of floods.

Pantai Timur is Malay for east coast.





Bernama also reported how an anaesthesiologist described inserting a tube into a baby in darkness.

The Kelantan hospital's electricity supply was cut off at 5pm on Wednesday (Dec 24). 

The generator powering the building in Kuala Krai had also uan out of diesel.

Information on the relief efforts and donation appeals are being shared through the hashtag.




It seems even Singaporeans have gotten into the spirit, raising funds for those affected by the floods.



Sources: Twitter, Bernama, Reuters