What would happen to Singapore if all the Earth’s land ice melted?

For years, scientists have been warning about how rising sea levels and melting polar ice caps would change the globe.

On Monday (April 6), scientists made another dire prediction: That the glaciers of western Canada was likely to largely melt away over just three generations.

The study, which was published in the Nature Geoscience journal, stated that by 2100, the glaciers of Alberta and British Columbia would shrink by 75 per cent in area compared to 2005 levels, and by 70 per cent in volume.

So what would happen if all of the Earth's land ice melted? (Land ice includes glaciers, ice sheets, ice caps and ice shelves. It is different from sea ice which is simply frozen sea water in the ocean.)

According to Business Insider, here's what would happen in Asia:

For starters, Singapore would cease to exist.




Our country, along with Bangladesh, would be submerged as sea levels would rise over 200ft (61m).

China would lose its capital, Beijing, along with the cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

India's capital cities Mumbai and Kolkata, Vietnam's largest city Ho Chi Minh City and Thailand's capital Bangkok would also be under water.

Hundreds of millions of people would lose their homes, reported Business Insider.

But this scenario is not likely to happen in our lifetime.

Business Insider reported that the sea levels are predicted to rise by another metre or more by the end of the century.

It added that researchers have predicted that the Arctic might experience ice-free summers as soon as 2050.

Sources: Business Insider, AFP