What's for dinner? Hot kway teow soup and oops, a scalded groin

All he wanted was a steaming bowl of kway teow soup.

But the Malacca factory manager, 29, ended up with more pain then he ever imagined.

He was dining with two business associates at a restaurant on Tuesday afternoon when their table suddenly collapsed and the noodles splattered onto his groin, newspaper The Star reported.

The man screamed in pain and shouted at a waiter, who apologised profusely and tried to calm him down.

Railing at the waiter, the man pointed to his private part, which he said was aching badly.

He called the restaurant manager and demanded compensation.

He 'flashed' his private part

The man and his friends then began kicking some unoccupied tables and chairs, according to National 1Malaysia Crime Prevention Association deputy chairman R.A Saravana Theerta, who was having his teh tarik there.

Police said that the factory manager lodged a report at the Malim station at about 7pm the same day.

About two hours later, the 30-year-old restaurant manager lodged a report at the same station.

He claimed that the CCTV footage at the restaurant showed the factory manager “flashing” his injured private part to a waiter.

Source: The Star