Windowless planes and wider seats in planes could be reality in the next decade

Imagine being on cloud nine... literally.

Air travel is soaring to new heights, at least where technology's concerned. Think wider seats, panoramic views and a smaller carbon footprint - coming to you in the next decade or so.

UK-based aerospace firm The Centre of Process Innovation (CPI) says that people may be travelling in windowless planes in the near future.

Instead of staring at peering out of plane cabins, passengers could be jetting off in planes fitted with large, full-length hi-definition screen panels that allow a panoramic display of the world outside.

The cabin could also be equipped with interactive technology that allows passengers to choose their own wallpaper.

Good news for economy, or cattle class, passengers: The agency is also looking at wider seats. 

Yes, you don't have to shell out big bucks to fly business class, just to enjoy a little more comfort.

The agency also said that it is looking at measures that will lower fuel consumption.

And that can only mean one thing: cheaper air fares.

We can't wait for the future already!

Sources: The Guardian, Metro




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