Wish granted! Boy, 8, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, receives early CNY gift

An 8-year-old ailing boy received an early Chinese New Year gift when the "God of Prosperity" paid his family a visit at his home in Perak, Malaysia. 

Jayden Teh, 8, was deeply preoccupied with his games when the "God of Prosperity" came knocking on his door on Valentine's Day (Feb 14).   

Shocked at the sight, Jayden, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) -  a condition which results in muscle degeneration - fled to his kitchen. 

But a few moments later, the boy overcame his shyness to meet his guests who were boards members of the Children's Wish Society of Malaysia (CWS). 

They had made the trip to fulfill the boy's wish of having an Xbox. 

Jayden's condition has left his legs weak.

And while he is able to walk now, sufferers of DHD eventually lose their ability to use their limbs or organs over time.

Bringing cheer

"We made a day trip from Subang Jaya to bring Jayden an early Chinese New Year gift on Valentine’s Day. It is less than a week until the Lunar New Year and we thought it would be good to have the God of Prosperity hand the gifts to him," said CWS vice-president Teoh Teik Hoong.

"DMD will deprive this boy of a normal life. We hope that our gift will help him cope with the onset of the disease.

"It’s moments like this, when we see the broad smile from Jayden, that make us continue to work towards bringing cheer to those who need them." 

CWS Malaysia is a national charity dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of terminally ill children.

Source: The Star


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