Woman, 20, suffers heart attack during breast implant surgery

She went in for a boob job, and suffered a heart attack.

When Amy Rickhuss, 20, woke up from the cosmetic procedure she had elected to undergo last week, she felt something was wrong. And it wasn't her breasts.

The Australian later found out she had suffered a heart attack during the operation.

"I remember waking up at this hospital, saying 'am I alive' or something. 'Do I have boobs, are they there?' I can't really remember," she said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald

Dr Niro Sivathasan, Ms Rickhuss' surgeon, later explained to her how the procedure had gone awry.    

"He put my right implant in and then they think that some local anaesthetic that they injected might have got into my artery, they're not too sure, and that caused my heart to stop," said Ms Rickhuss.

"As they started on the left, that's when my heart started to get irregular and then my heart stopped while I was on the table and they performed CPR and then gave me that defib (defibrillator) where they shock me."

Sedation and injections of local anaesthetic were used for the procedure, instead of general anaesthetic.

This story has a happy ending, though. 

Despite the emergency, the surgeon still managed to finish fitting in Ms Rickhuss' implants.

Source: New York Daily News, Sydney Morning Herald

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