Woman arrested after living with hubby's dead body for 9 months

Even after he died, his wife chose to live with him, or rather his dead body.

A case of being together in life and in death? Not quite.

The woman, Ila Solomon, 55, was jailed last week for allegedly living with her husband's corpse for nine months.

Police had shown up at the couple's home in Indiana, US, looking for Gerald Gavan in May. That's when they found his body, despite her claims that her 88-year-old husband was being taken care of in an assisted living facility.

His corpse was hidden beneath a tarp in the living room.

Gerald Gavan's corpse was found hidden beneath a tarp in the living room.

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Solomon said in June that her husband had died just a few days before the police found him.

She left him in the house because he wanted to be eaten by birds, she claimed. “He wanted me to open the door so the birds could come in but the birds only got as far as the air conditioner."

She told The Indy Channel he wished to be a part of an Indian ritual involving vultures consuming a person’s corpse.

Authorities, however, believed her true motive was to actually collect and cash in Gavan's social security and pension checks.

Investigations showed that Solomon was previously married three times before tying the knot with Gavan. Two of those marriages ended in the men's death. 

She now faces several felony theft and welfare fraud charges, as well as a charge of failure to report a dead body.

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