Woman diagnoses her own terminal cancer after conducting Google search

Sadly, Google proved more reliable than her doctors.

A young woman experiencing severe stomach pains found out she had ovarian cancer after running a search on the internet search engine. 

23-year-old Sadie Rance was first told by doctors she had irritable bowel syndrome.

But when her condition deteriorated, Mrs Rance, from Kent, England, was impelled to conduct an internet search on her symptoms. 

The result - she showed eight out of nine symptoms of ovarian cancer. 

"The trouble I had was that ovarian cancer is very rare in people under 50, and the type I have is even more rare, so I don’t think it was ever even something that was considered.

"Still, when my problems seemed to get worse, I remember looking online and saw I had eight out of the nine symptoms of ovarian cancer.

"I asked my mum what she thought and, like any friend or mum would say to reassure you, she said 'Don’t be silly, you don’t have cancer.'

"But I knew my body and I could tell something wasn’t right.

It was only later when doctors discovered a melon-sized tumour and diagnosed Mrs Rance with stage four ovarian cancer. 

Now, she has two years to live. 

But despite that, the 23-year-old remains sanguine.

Raising money

She and her husband, Jason, whom she married last year, have started raising money for a specialist cancer treatment hospital in England as well as for Teens Unite Fighting Cancer.       

"I’ve met lots of young people aged 24 and under with cancer on my journey and there’s a massive problem with young people being diagnosed in later stages because doctors don’t believe it could be cancer.

"I’d absolutely urge people to go the doctors and be persistent.

"When you know something’s really wrong with your body you know and you need to make the doctor believe it."

Source: Metro, Mail Online