Woman gets relatives to 'abduct' her husband in a bid to save their marriage

She wanted to patch things up with husband who had left home after a misunderstanding.

So she asked her relatives to bring him back to their home near Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Her plan? To keep things hush-hush and resolve their differences privately.

But things didn't go as she expected.

The woman's relatives tracked him down to a restaurant in Taman Sri Manja.

But when they approached him on Tuesday morning, he refused to return home.


The 53-year-old man started kicking and screaming, and a brief scuffle ensued.

Thinking that the man was being abducted, a passer-by recorded the incident and uploaded it on social media.

In the video, the quartet is seen trying to persuade the man to board the car. 

But the man refuses and waves his hands, trying to free himself.

A brief scuffle ensues before the group grabs the protesting man by his legs and arms and carries him into the car.

'Avoid a public scene'

The one-minute recording went viral, with netizens urging the police to act.

Petaling Jaya Assistant Commissioner of Police​ Azmi Abu Kassim said they contacted the supposed victim and confirmed that he was safe.

"His wife wanted to bring him home so that they could settle their differences. To avoid a public scene, she asked four of her relatives to find and bring him home," he said.

Mr Azmi said people reported seeing four men tussle with the victim outside a restaurant before dragging him into a car and driving off at about 11.40am.

Source: The Star