Woman lives in fear after her Facebook photos & address are printed on pamphlets for sex services

For the past few months, her life has been a living hell.

Pamphlets advertising sex services have been circulating in towns in Sabah with her personal details and photos from her Facebook account splashed for all to see.

The 25-year-old Malaysian woman, who wanted to be known only as Jellyn, said:

"The first time I got a call asking for sex services was in December. At first, I thought it was a joke but the calls kept coming until I had to switch off my handphone.
"I only realised how serious it was when my elder daughter saw the pamphlets."

Jellyn has two daughters aged five and seven, reported The Star.

The callers told her that the pamphlets contained her and her husband’s phone numbers and their house address.

Afraid for family’s safety

"I quit my job as a handphone SIM card vendor after that. It is terrifying. I am afraid for my family’s safety," she said.

Jellyn said she and her husband lodged police reports on Dec 18 and Feb 19.

"We do not know who has done this as we don’t have any enemies. We hope the police can help us catch the culprit and stop this nightmare," she said.

Deputy Superintendent Azmir Abdul Razak said police are investigating the case.

"We have received their reports and are tracking down the suspects," he said.

Source: The Star