Women shouldn't wear jeans, says Indian music legend

Music legend KJ Yesudas' controversial remarks - that women should not wear jeans as it goes against Indian culture - has sparked outrage.

"Women shouldn't wear jeans and display themselves before people. What is meant to be covered should be covered,"  the National Award-winning singer said on Thursday. 

"Wearing jeans and roaming around attracts unnecessary attention."

Speaking to a gathering at the Swati Thirunal College of Music in Thiruvananthapuram, the 74-year-old singer reportedly said: "You should dress modestly and do not behave like men."

He also said that jeans went against Indian culture, which valued simplicity as the greatest quality in women.

Within minutes of the singer making the controversial remarks, activists from the Kerala unit of the Congress' women's wing staged a protest march outside the state secretariat in the city, ND-TV reported.

#Yesudas soon made an appearance on Twitter.

Some critics said men should cover their eyes instead of asking women to cover up. Others suggested he cover his mouth.



Several people said he has a right to his views.

Women in both the state's ruling Congress party and the opposition Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) condemned the remarks, BBC News said.

They also asked the singer to apologise.

"He does not have a daughter, otherwise she would have been wearing jeans in today's times," said Mahila Congress chief Bindu Krishna. 

"Women should have the freedom to wear what they want to. He has to take back his words."

Sources: NDTV, BBC News, Twitter