Boy in a top hat shows the world how to be a gentleman in front of the Queen

This is how to behave like a proper gentleman.

Little Mohammed Ahmed Jaber Al Harbi gave men everywhere a lesson in proper manners when he met Britain's Queen Elizabeth II at the Epsom Derby in Dubai.

When the youngster, who was clad in a rather dapper suit and top hat, caught the attention of the monarch - presumably addressing her with a posh British accent - Mohammed promptly doffed his fancy headgear and extended his hand for a firm handshake, before slinking off with a wide grin on his face.



Nothing defines respect better than a proper handshake!

Nothing defines respect better than a proper handshake! Epsom Derby with Queen Elizabeth II

Posted by Hamdan Al Maktoum on Saturday, 6 June 2015


The endearing scene was uploaded on Facebook by Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Mohd al Maktoum, who, according to the Mail Online, is a close acquaintance of Mohammed.

Guys, do take note.

Source: Mail Online, Facebook

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