Brothers cut off genitals of man who married their sister

Two brothers lured their brother-in-law to their home in Madhya Pradesh, India on Tuesday (Oct 6) and proceeded to cut off his genitals.

They were unhappy that their sister had run away and married him against the wishes of her family.

The family felt that the couple's actions had brought disgrace on them.

So the brothers hatched a plot. They invited their brother-in-law to their home in Mahuakheda on the pretext of holding discussions to end the dispute. 

The brothers promised the couple that they would recognise the marriage.

But when the 28-year-old man arrived at the house, he got into an argument.

The brothers overpowered him and one of them allegedly attacked him with a knife, slashing his genitals, police said.

The man was rushed to hospital.

Source: The Star