Donald Trump mocks Chinese businessmen with broken English

Donald Trump was giving an anecdote during a campaign rally in Iowa on Tuesday (Aug 25) when he decided to give stand-up comedy a shot — or so it seemed.

The Republican presidential hopeful was describing the difference between the American way and the Chinese/Japanese way of negotiating deals.

In a nutshell, Trump, 69, felt that Chinese and Japanese businessman did not bother with niceties at meetings, unlike the Americans.

South China Morning Post reported that his anecdote did not sit well with some political observers who were following his campaign.

Trump had already previously stated that Chinese President Xi Jinping deserved a McDonald's burger instead of a formal White House state dinner, which led these people to construe his anecdote (below) as merely thinly-veiled racism.

He said: "Negotiating with Japan, negotiating with China, when these people walk into the room, they don't say, ‘Oh hello, how’s the weather?’ So beautiful outside, isn't it lovely? ‘How are the Yankees doing?’ Oh they are doing wonderful, great.

“They say, ‘We want deal!’”

According to The International Business Times, this display of broken English was what was offensive to some users on Chinese micro blog, Weibo.

WATCH: Donald Trump's "We want deal!"



“‘We want deal.’ He might as well stick on a bamboo hat and hold [back the corners of] his eyes," wrote one Twitter user.

“I feel this guy is a racist. I would not want democracy if men like him are elected,” one Weibo blogger commented. 

Some netizens felt that Trump's remark was highly inaccurate as in the Chinese and Japanese culture, much time is spent on wining and dining business partners before negotiations are brought up.

According to CNN, Trump has been no holds barred in his attacks against China.

On Monday (Aug 24), he told Fox News that he wants a "big uncoupling" of the US and Chinese economies.

This comes after the US stock market took a dive over concerns about China's economy.

Said Trump: "They want our people to starve. They're taking our business away.

"They've taken our jobs away."

Source: South China Morning Post, International Business Times, CNN


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