Five children charged over killing of six-year-old Mexican boy

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A Mexican judge charged five children with murder on Thursday (May 21) over the torture and gruesome killing of a six-year-old during a "kidnapping game".

The two 15-year-old boys, two 13-year-old girls and one 11-year-old boy had invited Christopher Raymundo Marquez​ to gather firewood with them​ on May 14.

They later told him they were going to pretend to kidnap him.

The five children then tied him up and beat him with stones and a thorn-covered stick, reported Mexico News Daily.

One of the five pressed a stick to Christopher's throat until he died, reported The Telegraph.

Stabbed and stoned

Afterward, the group put Christopher's body in a shallow hole that one of the girls had dug.

One kid then stabbed the six-year-old boy in the back while the others threw stones at the body, reported Mexico News Daily.

The children then refilled the hole and put a dead dog on it.

Christopher's family started searching for him at around 8pm and reported him missing the next day.

The little boy's body was found on May 16.

Judge Francisco de Leon Merino ordered that the two 15-year-old boys be jailed in the Chihuahua Court for Minors while the three younger ones be kept under the custody of the state child services agency.



Sources: AFP, Mexico News Daily, The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal

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