Granny chains up boy for not doing homework

A grandmother in Malaysia was slammed by netizens for chaining her four-year-old grandson to a road signpost outside their house in Perak as punishment.

The boy, whose parents are working in Singapore, was punished for not doing his homework after being told several times, Sin Chew Daily reported.

A passer-by, who saw the boy chained to the post at about noon on Friday, took photos and posted them on social media, reported The Star.

When contacted, the 54-year-old woman denied that she tortured the boy. She said she merely chained him for 10 minutes and that this was the first time she had punished him this way.

The woman said she has been taking care of the boy since he was a baby.


It was tiring for her to take care of two grandchildren by herself, she said.

One Facebook user commented as she shared the picture of the boy: "It's so wrong to do this. What if there was a snake or red ants and leeches or bees and hornets flying round him? Your naughty grandson doesn't deserve this, he's still a child."

Tapah district police chief, Superintendent Sum Sak Din Keliaw, told the New Straits Times that policemen went to the boy's house and questioned the grandmother after they were alerted.

He said the woman admitted that she had chained him out of anger.

"Checks made on the boy showed that he was not harmed. He also admitted that he was punished for not doing his homework," he said, adding that the boy was not beaten by his grandmother.

Investigations are ongoing.