He claims he didn't rob because he asked for money nicely

An alleged bank robber in the United States is claiming that he didn't commit a crime because he had asked for the money nicely.

Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca told a reporter: "A robbery is going in and demanding something and taking the money. I didn't do that."

The 23-year-old told CBS affiliate television station WTKR: "I don’t know how I’m a robber because I asked for it. She (the teller) could have said no, and I could have left."

What Alfonseca did do on Monday (May 4) was walk into a bank in Virginia at about 1.40pm and hand the teller this note.

It read: "I need 150,000 bonds right NOW!! Please. Police take 3 to 4 minutes to get here. I would appreciate if you ring the alarm a minute after I am gone... make sure the money doesn't BLOW UP ON MY WAY OUT. :- )"

Yes, the note also contains two smiley faces.

Before leaving the bank, he posted a photo of the note and a video of the teller preparing the money for him on his Instagram account.



He was arrested within 20 minutes of leaving the bank, local media reported.

Alfonseca told "I posted the video on my Instagram.

"I videotaped it. If it was a robbery, I don’t think I would videotape it, post the picture of the letter and do that all to come to jail."

Sources:, WTKR

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