Hitman nabbed after posting holiday selfies online

Keeping a low profile is probably at the top of the agenda if you're on the run from the authorities.

But it's an alien concept to a Chinese fugitive surnamed Qin.

Xinhua reported that the 27-year-old was nabbed by police after they tracked him down using his holiday selfies.

Having laid low since last year, Qin let his guard down on May 3 as he shared photographs of himself on Wudang Mountain (in Hubei province) on the social network WeChat.

Investigators were alerted when a friend of Qin reposted the photos, which allowed Wudang Mountain police to locate and nab the fugitive.

Checked into -hHotel next to police station

Qin later admitted to police that he had joined friends on the tour, believing that "the most dangerous place is the safest".

He even registered himself as a guest at a luxury hotel, which sits next to a police station.

After Qin was nabbed, he told cops the scenic surroundings had lulled him into a false of security, resulting in the selfies that led to his downfall.

It turned out Qin landed on the wanted list after he was hired as a hitman and seriously injured the intended target - a villager in the neighbouring province of Henan.

Sources: Xinhua via Shanghai Daily, Shanghaiist

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