Japanese zoo sorry for naming monkey after Princess Charlotte but not renaming it

If you are looking to name your new pets, maybe it's wise to skip the name Charlotte.

A Japanese zoo, in a misguided attempt, named a baby monkey Charlotte in honour of the newborn British princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

She is the second child of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Unfortunately, many lodged complaints against the Takazakiyama Zoo, which is in southern Japan.

The name was chosen after the public voted, which is a tradition for their first newborn macaque monkey every year.

Charlotte received the most votes - although it was just 59 out of 853 people choosing it.

But many members of the public found that it was disrespectful to name a monkey after a British monarch. 

The zoo has since apologised in a statement on its website but the Japanese mayor insists that they will not be renaming the monkey.

Source: BBC

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