Lamborghini destroyed after collision with Ferrari in illegal road race

A Lamborghini was destroyed after it collided with a Ferrari on Saturday (April 11).

The two supercars were racing illegally on the streets of Beijing when the accident occurred.

South China Morning Post (SCMP), quoting from China News Service, reported that the two cars had collided after the Lamborghini went out of control after trying to overtake the Ferrari in the 1.2 km long Datun Road Tunnel near the National Stadium. 

Where the accident took place. Photo: Screengrab Google Maps

The Lamborghini then crashed through the rail on the sides of the tunnel and hit the tunnel wall, tearing off a sizeable chunk of the side panel which covers the wall of the tunnel. 

The entire front end of the Lamborghini was destroyed while the Ferrari suffered damage to its "side and rear".

SCMP reported that one person in the Lamborghini was "slightly injured".

They also reported that witnesses on scene said that the two drivers were from the same car club.

While no arrests have been made yet, police are investigating the case. 

In China, a Lamborghini costs between 4 million and 8 million yuan (S$881,000 - S$1.76 million) while a Ferrari costs between 3 million yuan and 6 million yuan.

According to SCMP, people living in the area have long complained about drivers holding illegal races in the area but the police say that it's difficult to apprehend these racers because they play "hide-and-seek" with them.

Source: South China Morning Post