Man buys shoes for elderly garbage collector who slipped and fell

A man in Hong Kong bought a pair of new shoes for an elderly garbage collector who had ill-fitting footwear.

His generous gesture touched the heart of the shoe shop's employee, who took a photo of the incident and posted it on Facebook.

The employee said he would often see the elderly man push his cart in the Lan Kwai Fong area, reported Shanghaiist.

He suspects the elderly man recently fell and hurt his head because he was wearing shoes that did not fit properly, reported Bastille Post.

The foreigner buying the elderly man a pair of new shoes. PHOTO: INTERNET

The Good Samaritan, a foreigner working in the area, offered money to the elderly man so that he could get a new pair of shoes.

When the garbage collector refused to accept it, the foreigner took him to a shoe shop and bought him a pair.

The shoe shop's employee was so moved that he gave the customer a staff discount.

Sources: Bastille Post, Shanghaiist

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