Man collapses after 14-day gaming binge. Guess what he told paramedics.

"Leave me alone. Turn on my computer. I want to surf the Internet."

That's what a gaming addict in China told paramedics who had come to his aid.

The 21-year-old man, known only as Mr Xia, had fainted outside an Internet cafe after a 14-day gaming binge.

The young man left his home in Anhui province on April 20 after getting 800 yuan (S$170) from his mother on the pretext of wanting to learn how to drive.

His mother, Mrs Xia, said she gave him the money because she thought he was serious about settling down and doing something with his life.

How he spent his 14 days

But the man proceeded to blow the cash at a local Internet cafe.

All 800 yuan was gone within the first four days. He spent it on 10 hours of computer time each day, cigarettes, three meals a day and gaming equipment.

For the next 10 days, he got by on eating the leftovers of other gamers and using their gaming credit when they fell asleep.

On Sunday (May 3), he told a cleaner at the cafe he was dizzy after not eating for a day, and that he was going out to get some food.

"When he walked past me, he wasn't very steady on his feet and I had to support him. There was a rancid odour coming from him," said the cleaner.

Obsessed with World Of Warcraft

But soon after exiting the cafe, he collapsed on the ground.

A passer-by called his family and the paramedics.

Mrs Xia was reportedly seen weeping beside his unconscious body and telling him to stop going online.

But as soon as the man woke up, he told paramedics: "Leave me alone. Turn on my computer. I want to surf the Internet."

Anhui News reported that Mr Xia has been unemployed since graduating last year.

He became obsessed with a computer game called World Of Warcraft and has been spending a lot of time at local Internet cafes.

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