NGO stole babies, sold them to childless couples looking to adopt

An unregistered non-governmental organisation​ in India stole babies and sold them to childless couples looking to adopt.

NGO Rashtriya Janhit Jansewa Sansthan​ (RJJS) would charge couples an initial fee of Rs 8,000 (S$170) to Rs 10,000 and an additional Rs 4.5 lakh (S$9,500) for a girl or Rs 5.5 lakh​ (S$11,500) for a boy, reported The Times Of India.

The adoptive parents did not know they were getting stolen babies.

It wasn't a hush-hush operation, as one would expect.

RJJS openly advertised its "adoption services" through flyers, and interested couples could find out more though its website or visit its office, reported The Times Of India.

The gig was up when the authorities received a tip-off and conducted an undercover operation, police said on Tuesday (June 9). But by then, around 30 couples had "adopted" babies.

Parda Phash reported police as saying: "Accordingly a trap was laid and decoy customers were sent pretending to be husband and wife in need of a child to Rashtriya Janhit Jansewa Sansthan and they fixed the deal for a male child at Rs 4.20 lakh.

"They were assured by one Vinod Kumar, who was running the office, that they will get proper documents of adoption of child and birth certificate of the child showing them as their natural parents."

The three co-directors of RJJS – Vinod Kumar, 42, Shiksha Chowdhary, 28, and Anil Pandey, 29 – have been arrested.

Sources: The Times Of IndiaParda Phash, Post