Professional hunter killed after he was trampled by an elephant

A young male elephant killed a professional hunter on Wednesday (April 15). 

The hunter, Mr Ian Gibson, was tracking a lion in North-East Zimbabwe for an American client when a young male elephant charged at him, knelt on him and crushed him to death, reported the Telegraph.

 Mr Paul Smith, the managing director Chifuti Safaris, the group which employed Gibson for the hunt, said that the full details of the incident are still unknown because the American client and other trackers on the hunt are still too traumatised to give the full details.

The trackers on the hunt said that the bull must have been in heat, which means that it was producing more testosterone than usual.

"In most years someone is usually killed on a hunt somewhere in Africa, and that is why it is called 'dangerous game hunting' but we are very shocked that it was 'Gibbo'," said Mr Smith.

"He was so experienced and this is a most unexpected tragedy," he added.

According to the Telegraph, the Dallas Safari Club, a hunting club in the US is paying for his funeral.

Since the news of Gibson's death emerged, tributes to Gibson have appeared on websites dedicated to hunting.

On social media however, the sentiments have been the direct opposite, with many celebrating his demise.





Source: Telegraph, Twitter, Africa