Should Singapore allow this? Thai students encouraged to sew GPA scores onto their uniform

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Is this considered public shaming?

A high school in Thailand's Ubon Ratchathani province has introduced a decidedly novel way to encourage its students to study harder.

The teachers at Nariya Suksa Ratchamangkalapisek School have suggested to their students to have their latest grade point averages (GPAs) embroidered on the right side of their shirts - just under their pockets. 

A screengrab from Bangkok Post

Fortunately, it's not compulsory. 

But a teacher at the school said: "It's a school policy aimed to make students study harder. This is for students from Grade 10 to 12, but we are not imposing it on everyone. It is up to the students."

The Grade 10 to 12 is equivalent to Singapore's Sec 4 to pre-university.

Does this create more pressure for the students?

And should this be allowed in Singapore?

Source: Bangkok Post