Teen goes on joyride ends up tortured

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A teenager who borrowed his uncle’s car to go for a spin was snatched by a group of men and ended up being tortured for at least 16 hours.

The 19-year-old from Johor Baru was in his car in on Monday (May 25) evening when four men came up to him, said Johor Baru (South) Assistant Commissioner Sulaiman Salleh.

He said the men grabbed the teen and pulled him out of the car before forcing him into their vehicle.

“His hands and feet were tied up. He was beaten up inside the car with a baseball bat, iron bar and a brass knuckle,” he told The Star.

ACP Sulaiman said one of the culprits also took the victim’s car with them and headed to a house in Taman Daya.

Once the victim arrived at the house, the suspects locked him up in a room where he was given only mineral water.

Beaten up

Whenever the victim asked for food, he was allegedly beaten up, the police said.

The teen escaped when his abductors fell asleep at around 12.30pm on Tuesday.

A police report was lodged later.

Five suspects between the ages of 17 and 31 were arrested less than two hours after the police report was made.

The victim suffered bruises on his face and a swollen right eye.

He said the police recovered the victim’s IC, house keys, a watch, a silver bangle, a pair of shoes, driving licence, RM470 (S$173) in cash and the car worth about RM15,900.

Source: The Star

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