UK's youngest organ donor is a baby who lived for just 100 mins

When Jess Evans found out she was pregnant with twin boys, she was overjoyed.

She told everyone about it and posted a photo of the scan on Facebook, reported Mirror.

But 12 weeks into her pregnancy, the UK mother was told that one of the boys was critically ill – his brain and skull was not forming properly and he would not survive more than two days after birth.

Madam Evans, 28, and her husband Mike Houlston, 30, were given the option of aborting him.

But they decided against it.

Madam Evans told Mirror: "We thought that even if we had a moment with him, or 10 minutes, or an hour, that time was the most precious thing that we would ever experience."

Not in vain

But the couple did not want his life to be in vain and fought to have his organs donated after his death.

On April 22 last year, Noah Teddy Houlston and Teddy Noah Houlston were born.

Teddy lived for just 100 minutes. Three minutes after his death, doctors began the operation to take his kidneys and heart valves, reported Mirror.

His kidneys were used to save the life of an adult with renal failure, reported The Guardian.

Mirror quoted Mr Houlston as saying: "We hope Teddy's story will inspire families who find themselves in the position of losing a child. Knowing part of your loved one is living on in someone else is comforting."

He added: "He lived and died a hero. It’s impossible to explain how proud we are of him."

Teddy is the youngest organ donor in the UK.

His parents have set up a JustGiving page in his honour to raise money for charity.

Sources: Mirror, The Guardian

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