US driver, who knocked down two-year-old child, shot dead at accident scene

A two-year-old girl dashed onto the street into the path of an oncoming van and was killed.

But the tragedy, which took place in the US city of Milwaukee on Sunday (April 12), didn't end there.

The driver got out of his vehicle to try and help the child, but was shot dead by a man armed with a gun.

A 15-year-old boy who was at the scene was also shot. The teen, who wasn't a passenger, later died during surgery at hospital.

The series of tragic events happened shortly after 5pm.

Victim was a 'good person'

Police Captain Timothy Heier said the 41-year-old driver, Archie Brown Jr., had remained at the scene to help. 

Mr Brown had lifted the child up in his arms before he was fatally shot. He was a father-of-four, whose youngest child was just six months old.

It is not known how the teen was involved.

Mr Brown's half-brother Riles Rilley told local media his brother was "just a good person all around".

"Never had any enemies. Always looking to do the right thing," said Mr Rilley.

The authorities are working to establish a suspect.


Family members of the victims and neighbours of the two-year-old girl were devastated, reported news channel TMJ4.

The Brown family gathered at accident scene on Sunday to mourn his loss. They were reportedly holding each other and crying.

Said Mr Brown's 68-year-old father: "My son's just been murdered."

Sources: Sky News, Time, The Times-Picayune, Journal Sentinel, TMJ4

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