US President Obama calls mothers to wish them on Mother's Day

What could possibly top your children wishing you a Happy Mother's Day?

President Barack Obama calling to wish you personally.

During the weekend, Mr Obama surprised three mothers by personally calling these mothers to thank them for what they've done.

The three mothers had written to the President over the course of the year.

Ms Stephanie Tarr, a mother of two boys, was one of the lucky mums to receive a call from the President. 

The waitress had written in to the President about issues that mattered to her, including the minimum wage and affordable preschool fees.

Clearly, she was in disbelief when Mr Obama identified himself.

Ms Tarr said: "No uh... No way."

Mr Obama told her: "It's me! Give me a test... Ask me anything."

And Mr Obama had to do a fair bit of convincing before she finally believed him. 

He also called prison corrections officer Dawn Miller.

Mr Obama told her: "I decided since it was mother's day, I should call letter writers and mums and say 'thank you' for being great mums."

Ms Patricia Church was also thanked by the President for successfully raising four children, including one who is serving the country in the army.

Mr Obama said: "I was so proud of everything you've done raising four kids and you know serving our country.

"Those boys are going to turn out good because of you."


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