Video of man slapping foreign worker sparks outrage

The foreign worker was cleaning the interior of the car.

When the car owner returned, he was enraged that the worker had sat in his luxury SUV, alleging that he had dirtied it. 

He then slapped the worker multiple times, in front of others at the car wash. 

Now, the car wash owner says the worker has a broken nose and has been referred to the hospital. 

CCTV footage of the incident which happened in Selang, Malaysia, was uploaded to Facebook and has been viewed over a million times.


rakaman cctv seorang lelaki melayu memukul seorang bangla yg tgh cuci kereta kerana marah bangla masuk dalam kereta dan myebabkan keretanya kotor... mungkin bangla tu kotor berpakaian lusuh dan hina... kemudian tidak mahu membayar sebaliknya meminta wang rm1000 kerana duduk dan mengotorkn keretanya ketika mengelap cermin... siapa pun kita, sekaya mana pun kita... jgn terlalu angkuh dan bongkak dgn mereka yg dipandang hina... npk mmg sikit... tp smp skrg darah x berhenti... bangla refer klinik... klinik kata patah/bengkak teruk n refer hospital * semoga diberi hidayah kpdnya... saya maafkan & halalkn upah cuci kereta td... jangan terlalu mendongak ke langit...

Posted by Atie Abdul Hamid on Saturday, 17 October 2015

According to the video caption by car wash owner Ms Atie Abdul Hamid, the foreign worker, a Bangladeshi, the attacker refused to pay the fee for the car wash.

Instead, he demanded RM1,000 (S$332) because the foreign worker had sat in his car while wiping the windshield. 

The car wash owner's most recent posts say that the worker's nose is broken. She says the worker was hit again, off-camera, in a location where the CCTV was not working, and that he then started bleeding "non-stop"..

"There are blood stains on the ground, I snapped a picture," she continued, although the picture has not been uploaded to her Facebook profile. 

Netizens are calling for authorities to arrest the attacker. 

Sources: Facebook, The Star Online, The Rakyat Post

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