When's the best time to have sex? 8am

As the saying goes, timing is everything.

A study by the University of Southern California and Yahoo Labs can't tell you where to do stuff, but its results have revealed the best time to do some of your favourite things.

The Mirror in the UK reported that the researchers who spear-headed the study analysed 16 billion e-mails in one of the biggest communication studies to date.

See if this makes sense to you.

The best time to:

1. Have Sex


Morning is definitely best for couples who desire a more energetic time between the sheets.

It's also the best time for women to get pregnant.

At 8am, energy and hormone levels peak while men also record higher sperm counts then.

But over-doing it could also suppress the immune system.

The optimal duration for sex is between seven and 13 minutes.


2. Drink Coffee

The best time to grab a coffee is actually between 9.30am and 11.30am.

This is because cortisol levels would have peaked between 8am and 9am, so some caffeine after that will help to keep that energy going.

Drinking coffee first thing in the morning is a waste because you would already be feeling buzzed from the high cortisol levels.


3. Exercise


At 5pm, our lungs' capacity to take in oxygen is 20 per cent more powerful than at noon.

Muscle strength also tends to be highest between 2pm and 6pm, making late afternoon the best time to exercise.

So be it running, swimming or ball games such as tennis, basketball or soccer, try and do it when you body is at its strongest.


4. Make decisions

Believe it or not, the best time to make an important decision is at 11.59am.

Just before noon is when the morning rush for work and school is over.

It is also when blood sugar levels have yet to dip so hunger pangs won't deter you from thinking clearly about the problems at hand.

The worst time to make a life-changing decision?

When your body is winding down for bed at 10pm. 


5. Go on a date


Stress is never a companion to take along on dates, especially if you are with someone who could be the love of your life.

Research has shown that people are most happy, relaxed and sociable around 7pm.

So, planning a nice dinner date at that time to indulge in romance is perfect.

Physiologically, the liver is in optimal condition between 7pm and 8pm thus drinking alcohol and enjoying fatty food then will also induce less stress on your digestion.

6. Have plastic surgery

The best time to have an operation is between 9am and noon.

Accidents were least common in the mornings and most likely to happen between 3pm and 4pm, so avoid these times if possible.

Mornings are also a good time to have injections because our pain-neutralising hormones are at their most efficient.

7. Go for a job interview


 Always try and be the first person to be interviewed for a job..

What this means is that the slot for this interview would usually be in the morning.

The worst time for a job interview is between 4pm and 6pm.

The study found that when five similarly qualified candidates were seen on the same day, the last person to be interviewed was scored lower than they should have been.

This happens sometimes if you are interviewed after several good candidates.

8. Go for a facial

Skin that is filled with moisture looks plump and healthy.

So even if it sounds inconvenient, try to go for a facial at 2pm.

That's the time when moisture levels are highest in the skin.

Source: Mirror UK, University Of Southern California, Yahoo Labs 

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