Woman, 21, shoots herself while taking selfie

Here's another case in which taking selfies can be downright dangerous: A woman in Russia accidently shot herself while snapping herself with a pistol.

The 21-year-old , known only as Veronika, had borrowed the weapon from a guard at her office.

But instead of tapping the phone button, the woman mistakenly squeezed the trigger of the 9mm pistol, local media reported.

A witness reportedly told LifeNews:

"Veronika asked the guard to give her the weapon to take a photo, and he didn’t refuse.

"She took the pistol and started making the selfie, and shot herself in the head by accident."

The guard said a bullet ricocheted off a wall into her head, RT reported.

The woman, from Moscow, is in critical condition.

The gun owner is being investigated for negligent weapon possession leading to injury, reported RT, and faces up to six months behind jail.

Sources: RT, Posta

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