Woman who found lost ring in Bali finds its owner through Facebook

When he lost his ring in the ocean nine months ago, Mr Joe Langley probably never imagined he would ever see it again.

But thanks to a woman, Ms Roxy Walsh, who mobilised the Internet to help look for the ring's owners, Mr Langley has now been reconciled with his beloved jewellery which was a birthday gift from his wife.

Ms Walsh was snorkelling at Finn's Beach Club in Bali earlier this month when she spotted a gold ring on the ocean floor. She then picked up the ring and put it on her thumb without much thought. 

When she took a closer look at the ring, Ms Walsh saw that the ring was engraved with "Darling Joe, Happy 70th Birthday 2009, Love Jenny".

She then made a post on Facebook asking for it to be shared so that the ring would find its owners.

Ms Walsh wrote: "Sometimes, (you) hear of these things finding their way home so (it's) worth a shot. Please share/repost."



So here's a super long shot. Found this gold ring snorkeling at Finns Beach Club in Bali today. It's got some sort of...

Posted by Roxy Walsh on Tuesday, 7 April 2015


The post quickly went viral attracting more than 200,000 shares - with hundreds coming forth to provide help.



Really overwhelmed with everyone's messages (as in HUNDREDS) trying to help me find Joe and Jenny. Please post any links, info, tips on this page so I can follow them all. #findjoeandjenny

Posted by Find Joe and Jenny on Thursday, 9 April 2015


Within eight hours of Ms Walsh's post going up, she had found the ring's owner.

Mr Langley's granddaughter contacted Ms Walsh about the ring and the possibility that it might belong to her grandfather.

It paid off, because only a few hours after setting up the page on Facebook, Walsh was messaged by a woman called Jade, who believed the ring belonged to her grandfather, Joe.

It turns out that the owner of the ring just lived three hours away from Ms Walsh in Queensland, Australia.

They met and the ring, which was a gift from Mr Langley's wife, was returned to him.

Ms Walsh said: "I had messages from all over the world and in my head, I was going to deliver it in Italy or America or somewhere a bit more exotic but turns out he was just up the road."

Last Sunday, Walsh reunited Joe with his ring, 9 months after he lost it swimming at the exact same beach in Bali.

Mr Langley is more than happy that his ring has been returned to him 

He said: "I'm lucky she found the ring and I'm more lucky because the person who found it was so honest and caring and wanted to get it back.

"It's much shinier now. Roxy had it polished up for me," he added. 

Sources: Buzzfeed, ABC News


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