Aristocrat jailed for threat to Brexit challenger

This article is more than 12 months old

LONDON: A British aristocrat was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison yesterday for racially aggravated threats to a woman who mounted a legal challenge to Brexit.

Rhodri Philipps, who inherited the title viscount from his father, offered £5,000 (S$8,900) on Facebook to anyone who "accidentally" ran over Ms Gina Miller, whom he described as a "bloody troublesome first-generation immigrant".

Ms Miller received death threats after her campaign to force the government to get parliamentary approval for withdrawal from the European Union.

The legal suit succeeded in ensuring a parliamentary vote but has not stopped Brexit from going ahead.

Ms Miller said the sentence was too lenient and that Philipps should have been charged with a more serious crime, such as inciting racial violence, to send a stronger message. - REUTERS

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