Boeing: All 777s with same PW engine grounded after United incident

PARIS: Some 128 Boeing 777 aircraft using the same Pratt & Whitney engine that failed on a flight out of Denver have now been grounded, a spokesman for the giant US planemaker confirmed yesterday.

"I have just had confirmation that all the 777s equipped with this engine have been grounded," she said.

Boeing had earlier urged airlines to suspend the use of the jets after US regulators announced extra inspections and Japan suspended their use.

The moves involving Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines came after a United Airlines 777's right engine failed on Saturday, scattering its protective outer casing over a residential area. United said the next day it would temporarily remove its 24 active planes, hours before Boeing's announcement.

The affected planes are currently flown by United, Japan Airlines, ANA, Asiana Airlines and Korean Air Lines. Most of them are phasing the planes out. - AFP, REUTERS