Come back to vote, DAP urges Malaysians working in S'pore

JOHOR BARU: The Democratic Action Party (DAP) has urged the thousands of Malaysians working in Singapore to take time off work and return to their hometowns on polling day.

Its state publicity secretary Wong Shu Qi said unofficial statistics showed that some 300,000 Malaysians commute daily from Johor to Singapore for work.

She said these Malaysians do not come from just Johor but from all over the country.

She added on top of that, about 400,000 Malaysians work and live in Singapore.

"Most of them do not have high-paying jobs but work there because of the favourable exchange rate," she said at the launch of Johor DAP's election hotline.

"We (political parties) cannot ignore the importance of their votes as they could be the key factor in determining victory.

"It is up to our workers (in Singapore) to decide whether to take leave if polling falls on a working day." - THE STAR