Cops investigating after 3-year-old girl suffers ‘horrific bruise’

The police are investigating after a three-year-old girl was found with a bruise and swelling on her right ear after returning home from her pre-school last month.

In response to queries from The Straits Times, the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) said it is aware of the case and has reached out to the girl's parent, Ms Claudia Kwan, to provide any necessary assistance.

On Saturday, Ms Kwan wrote about the incident in a Facebook post which has gone viral.

In the post, she said her husband had sensed something wrong when he picked up their daughter from school on Feb 14. He then noticed "a horrific bruise on the top of her ear".

Ms Kwan said when asked about it later at home, her daughter broke down in tears.

She claimed that when she called the school, none of the teachers were able to explain what had happened.

She then took her daughter to a paediatrician, who said it was a form of traumatic bruising. She informed the pre-school principal about this before making a police report.

She also made a visit to another paediatrician on Feb 15, who classified it as a "non-accidental injury".

The police confirmed that a report was lodged on Feb 14.

In the post, Ms Kwan said her daughter has suffered nightmares since the incident.

Ms Kwan, who also reported the case to ECDA, said her daughter has stopped attending the pre-school.