Couple saved due to 'SOS' in sand

This article is more than 12 months old

Two people stranded for a week on a remote Pacific island were rescued after a search plane saw their SOS message written in the sand, the US Coast Guard said yesterday.

The couple, who had "limited supplies and no emergency equipment", were found on uninhabited East Fayu island in Micronesia by a US Navy air crew.

The search team was responding to reports that someone on the island was using a torch to attract attention when they saw the survivors, AFP said.

The letters in the sand were about 6m high, said reports.

The couple, Linus and Sabina Jack, believed to be in their 50s, had left Weno Island by boat on Aug 17, but the alarm was raised when they did not arrive at Tamatam Island the following day as expected. The US Coast Guard said 15 vessels and two aircraft were used in the week-long search.

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