Democrat novice could strike blow against Trump

This article is more than 12 months old

WASHINGTON Voters in Georgia were to decide the most expensive United States congressional race yesterday, a US$60 million (S$83 million) political brawl where a Democratic novice could score an upset in a conservative stronghold and strike a blow against Mr Donald Trump's presidency.

The most recent polls show the race - seen as a key indicator for next year's mid-term elections - virtually deadlocked as both Mr Jon Ossoff and his Republican rival, the former Georgia secretary of state Karen Handel, 55, sprinted to the finish.

Republicans are facing a sobering reminder of their President's poor approval ratings, as 30-year-old centrist Democrat Ossoff, a former film-maker and political assistant, clings to the narrowest of leads.

"It is a neck and neck race, and it is all about turnout now," Mr Ossoff told WSB television.

With Democrats possibly striking the first blow against Mr Trump this year, the race has drawn national attention and outside contributions for both candidates.- AFP

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