Details of over 200,000 Malaysian organ donors leaked online

This article is more than 12 months old

KUALA LUMPUR:  Personal details of over 200,000 Malaysian organ donors and their next of kin have been leakedonline for over a year, a local tech portal reported on Tuesday.

This is the second big data leak reported in Malaysia in three months. In November, Malaysia said it was investigating an alleged attempt to sell personal data of more than 46 million mobile phone subscribers online, in perhaps one of the largest leaks of customer data in Asia.

Files containing details of 220,000 pledged organ donors were leaked online as early as September 2016, reported on Tuesday.

Leaked data includes donors'names, identification card numbers, race, nationality, addresses and phone numbers, it said. The data also contains details of each organ donor's nominated next of kin, taking the number of data leak victims to 440,000.

The country's internet regulator, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, said it was assisting the police in their investigations into the reported leak.- REUTERS