Former Chongqing chief Sun Zhengcai to be formally investigated

This article is more than 12 months old

BEIJING: China's prosecutor began formal legal proceedings against disgraced senior politician Sun Zhengcai, once considered a contender for top leadership, who has been accused of corruption and other crimes.

Sun was abruptly removed from his post as party chief of the south-western metropolis of Chongqing - one of China's most important cities - in July.

Later that month, Sun was put under investigation and, in September, the party announced he would be prosecuted for corruption.

Sun was accused of abusing his position by taking bribes and trading power for sex. He was also accused of nepotism, sloth and leaking confidential party information and betraying party principles.

In a brief statement, the prosecutor's office said it had begun proceedings against Sun for suspected bribery and had approved the taking of "coercive measures" against him - REUTERS, AFP