HK cops nab dozens in bid to prevent China national day protest

This article is more than 12 months old

HONG KONG: Hong Kong riot police patrolling the route of a banned anti-government march arrested dozens of people yesterday, stopping crowds from gathering as Chief Executive Carrie Lam hailed the city's "return to stability" at China national day celebrations.

The police were seen rounding up more than 50 people downtown and binding their wrists before putting them on buses.

Protesters wanted to march against Beijing's imposition on June 30 of a sweeping national security law, but police had banned the protest, citing coronavirus-related restrictions and violence at previous marches.

Shoppers and passers-by still broke into pro-democracy chants sporadically, but there was no sign of large crowds.

"It's China's national day but this is Hong Kong's death day," said a woman dressed in black, the city's protest attire, as she walked past the police. - REUTERS