Hong Kong police raid Tiananmen museum

HONG KONG : Police in Hong Kong yesterday raided the premises of the closed June 4th Museum, dedicated to the victims of China's 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square.

The raid came hours after a dozen pro-democracy activists pleaded guilty to knowingly participating in an unauthorised assembly during last year's June 4 anniversary, when rallies were banned because of the coronavirus. This year's vigil was banned for similar reasons.

The reason for the raid was unclear. Officers were seen loading a truck with signs, including one with the museum's logo and another carrying a picture of a lit candle.

On Wednesday, police arrested four members of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, the group that organises the annual rallies.

Police had sent a letter to the alliance last month requesting details on membership, finances and activities. The letter accused it of being "an agent of foreign forces". - REUTERS