India’s death toll from coronavirus surges past 200,000

With another daily record of 360,960 new cases, country's healthcare facilities and crematoriums are overwhelmed

NEW DELHI: Numbers are cold. Numbers cannot describe pain. But each number is a human being. Someone's mother, father, uncle, brother, sister, friend.

India's total death toll from the coronavirus surged past 200,000 after 3,293 people died yesterday - the country's deadliest day.

The second wave of infections has seen at least 300,000 people test positive each day for the past week, overwhelming healthcare facilities and crematoriums and fuelling an increasingly urgent global response.

The last 24 hours brought 360,960 new cases for the world's largest single-day total, taking India's tally of infections to nearly 18 million.

Experts believe the official tally vastly underestimates the actual toll in a nation of 1.35 billion. - REUTERS