Israeli troops mass at Gaza border amid rocket fire, clashes in Israel

US sends envoy to region as violence worsens, with synagogues attacked and fighting breaking out in Israel

GAZA/JERUSALEM: Israeli troops massed at Gaza's border yesterday, and Palestinian militants pounded Israel with rockets in intense hostilities that have caused international concern and touched off clashes between Jews and Arabs in Israel.

Days of violence between Jewish Israelis and the country's Arab minority worsened overnight, with synagogues attacked and fighting breaking out on the streets of some communities.


With concern growing that the violence that flared on Monday could spiral out of control, the US is sending envoy Hady Amr to the region. But efforts to end the worst hostilities in years appear so far to have made no progress.

In renewed air strikes on Gaza, Israel struck a six-storey residential building that it said belonged to Hamas, the group that controls the Palestinian enclave.

At least 83 people have been killed in Gaza since violence escalated on Monday, medics said, further straining hospitals already under heavy pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic. - REUTERS