Lawnmower mishaps kill more Americans than homegrown jihadists

This article is more than 12 months old

More Americans are killed in lawnmower accidents each year than by immigrant Islamic terrorists, Britain's Royal Statistical Society said in its inaugural "Statistics of the Year" award, the Financial Times reported yesterday.

The international statistic of the year is 69 - the average number of Americans killed in lawnmower accidents each year, compared with the two killed by immigrant Islamic terrorists, FT reported, citing the award.

Twenty-one were also killed by "armed toddlers", and 11,737 by other Americans.

The venerable society, founded in 1834, chose an international and UK award from a list of nominations made by its members, staff and the general public.

The UK Statistic of the Year was 0.1 per cent, the proportion of the land area that is densely built up, FT said. This figure was revealed in A Land Cover Atlas of the United Kingdom by Alasdair Rae, a professor at Sheffield university.

The "69" number went viral after it was tweeted by Kim Kardashian in January in response to US President Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslim migrants.

"Everyone on the panel was particularly taken by this statistic and its insight into risk... it shows anyone... can use statistics to illustrate an important point," Dr Liberty Vittert, a member of the RSS' judging panel, was quoted as saying.